I would like to extend a huge thank-you and welcome to you, for visiting my website, and finding out what I do.

Please be patient for a little while, as this website undergoes an upgrade.  As with everything in life, we do not know how much work goes into something until we are actually the ones doing it.  I appreciate your understanding as I upgrade the pages.

I help teenagers, women and men to move  forward in their life by helping them find who they are and what they want out of their lives, by focusing on a person’s personal strengths and ideals.  I am passionate about helping people develop their ‘self’.  I love to be able to watch people Grow into who they are meant to be by following their true potential and helping them to be the best they can be.  I believe Change is an ongoing element of life, we are constantly changing our thoughts, feelings, opinions and we are designed to develop and change throughout our life, and yet is one thing many of us are afraid of.  I love to  Empower people by helping them find their own path and values, coaching them to make the changes they need in their life in order for it to bring happiness and meaning.  During this process people Heal their internal workings and are able to move their lives in the direction they really want.

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I help people in the following ways:

  • Personal and Life Coaching
  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Kinesiology Consultations
  • Crystal Therapy Consultations
  • Angel Therapy Consultations

Please click on the links above to find out more information on each of the sessions available.

I do sessions in person or via Telephone or Skype.  Depending on the type of consultation you have chosen will depend on the amount of time taken during a session.

As a general rule a Coaching session will last between 30-45 minutes.   A Kinesiology, Crystal or Angel therapy consultation will go for an hour.  However you may book in for a longer session if you feel it is warranted.

Coaching sessions are usually booked into blocks of months or a particular type of ‘coaching experience’.  The option is there for you to have single sessions when you feel the need arises.



From a very young age I remember being aware of the way the people pass on there beliefs and patterns onto others.  This is in some ways the basis of the work I do.   Helping you shift your beliefs and perceptions so you can truly move into the kind of life your are looking for and helping you reach a happy and authentic life, no matter your age or current circumstances.

I have been looking at myself and my own ‘stuff‘ for  at least the last 15 years, most likely longer, and I have many tools and skills to help you grow, expand and be more enlightened. To find your internal ‘light’, strength, power, potential and ultimately to be the best version of you, you can be.


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Or at the very least help you remove the obstacles, or give you tools to climb over them, that are preventing you from moving  forward.

Helping you improve your relationship with your thoughts and feelings – Thus improving your relationship to yourself, others and life in general.


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